Summary: Saltstack is a configuration management tool written in Python and is one of the newer contenders in the space that's been getting good adoption. Features: ZeroMQ is fast, without using SSH to interact with systems OnPremise open-source SaltAPI via CherryPy for extended functionality and automation Deployment: Set up a SaltMaster Install Salt-Minions Accept salt-minion keys on saltmaster Usability: Written in Python Write in YAML Jinja2 templating Maintainability: Easy updates via system package installers Pretty easy to pick up and write states Jinja2 templating provides for a lot of reusability List Pricing: On-Premise open-source Enterprise/Cloud - $150/machine/year I've honestly never taken the Enterprise route.

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Summary: Puppet is a configuration management tool written in Ruby that has been around for quite a long time. Features: SaaS-based Portal with local Agent Deployment OnPremise/Cloud Agnostic Application Performance Monitoring Server Infrastructure Monitoring Reasonably priced and simple to set up Log Management Synthetic API and Browser Testing Real-time User Monitoring Deployment: Set up PuppetMaster server Install Puppet Agents on hosts Minimally, agents can trust puppetmaster by hostname Usability: Puppet can be extremely useful and PuppetForge provides a vast amount of services and configurations you can manage.

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