Summary: Datadog aims to provide a suite of host, service, and user telemetry in a single platform. Features: SaaS-based Portal with local Agent Deployment OnPremise/Cloud Agnostic Application Performance Monitoring Server Infrastructure Monitoring Reasonably priced and simple to set up Log Management Synthetic API and Browser Testing Real-time User Monitoring Deployment: Datadog metrics are collected through an agent you install on your hosts It can be installed on many platforms and can be easily deployed through most Config Management systems Usability: Your CTO or CIO will enjoy clicking around this portal and can participate in intelligent decision-making based on results DevOps | SysAdmin | SRE types will find this product to be worth its money when they don't need to jump around in their browser to identify an outage root cause or to start identifying trends Custom dashboards can be built and catered to extend value to different audiences within your company Expect a bit of fine-tuning to stay on top of alert triggers but it works pretty well out-of-the-box Log Management is not as sophisticated with field-extraction as some more dedicated log management platforms Maintainability: Datadog provides regular releases to their Agent software and is easy to install Datadog Support is prompt, generally accurate, and thorough.

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